Frequently Asked Questions: Troubleshooting the TRIBE Portal - LTRIA

Frequently Asked Questions


Please visit your respective AIA panel clinic and make a manual claim via “AIA Insurance Claims” on TRIBE with a valid receipt.

You will be unable to access your AIA portal if you have recently changed your details. It will take 5 working days to update your access to the system.

If your selection period has not yet closed, you will be able to access your system after the selection period ends.

Due to differences in panel clinics, kindly contact AIA to obtain accurate and up-to-date panel listing information.

Due to the complications arising from the change of effective date whenever your insurance coverage is changed, it is not advisable to do so.

As all insurance coverage information is confidential, we are unable to access your policy information. For questions pertaining to your AIA insurance, kindly contact AIA.


Typically, if you make the submission before the cut-off date, your reimbursement will be reflected in the upcoming payroll. Example:

Pay day: 30th of every month
Claims cut off date: 5th of every month
Employee A
Flex claims submission date: 4th January
This means Employee A will receive his flex claims reimbursement in his 30th January pay
Please take note that this only applies to flex claims. For insurance-related claims, kindly contact AIA.

Our benefits team is constantly working hard to approve your claims. During peak periods, do allow up to 3 working days for your claims to be approved.

As every organization has different flexible claims items, for the most accurate list of items, please refer to your employee handbook.

The flexible claim submission cut-off date is available on your TRIBE portal. It is reflected on the top of the flexible claim submission form, beside the text "Add New Claim".

To navigate to your flexible claim submission form, click on "Make a Flex Claim" from the TRIBE portal menu.


Depending on the nature of your email client, the welcome email may have been filtered into the Spam folder or the Notification folder. Do check through your spam and notification folders, but if you are still unable to find the email, kindly drop us an email at

For more details on the plan offerings, please click “product summary”** on the flex benefits selection page for an overview of the plans. Alternatively, you can also refer to your employee handbook.

How to get to product summary:
1. Login to TRIBE
2. Click “Modify my Benefit Selection”
3. On the Flex Selection page, click on “Product Summary” on the respective insurance coverage for more information

**Note: this can only be accessed during your benefit selection period.

Depending on the nature of your email client, it may take up to 30 mins for the reset password email to be delivered. The email may have been filtered into the Spam folder or the Notification folder. 

If you are still unable to find your reset password email, kindly drop us an email at


To reset your password, please go to the TRIBE login page and click on the “Forgot password” link at the bottom of the login panel. After that you will receive a email with instructions to reset your password.

For account security, the reset password link is only valid a limited time. If your link has already expired, please reset your password again by clicking “forget password” on your TRIBE login page.

We have a handy user guide on the TRIBE portal. To view, please log in and select “Policies and Guidelines”.