Our Cred

"We get it. HR is no easy task. It is an imense responsibility, easily taken for granted and largely overlooked."

That's why we are here to help you take care of your staff and see to all their wellness and health benefits that is unique to your organization.

TRIBE allows you to recreate your world to your specific needs.

Because at TRIBE, we will look out for you like family and give you peace of mind so you can better take care of yours.

Our Idea

The idea for TRIBE came about when two friends who worked in Employee Benefits (EB) for over 30 years decided that they wanted to make a difference to an industry they love.

They could not understand why HR platforms remained so opaque and set about to create a user-friendly system for people, by the people.

The result is TRIBE that brings people together in a cohesive ecosystem with employee benefits that actually does benefit you!

You have worked hard enough so securing your health and wellness benefit entitlements shouldn't be a nightmare.

The intuitive interface makes it a breeze for you to submit your claims through your desktop or smartphone.

Our Team

With close to a combined 30 years of Employee Benefits experience under their belt, the founders of L’Tria are translating their undiluted passion into a digital platform – Tribe. Tribe is about bringing people together, building an entire ecosystem and operating by its own set of rules.

A workforce as diverse as today’s presents real challenges to corporations worldwide: to provide a comprehensive benefits program that serves the needs of a myriad of individuals across the organisation.

This is our purpose at L’Tria, to better manage all your employees’ benefits with a simple yet elegant solution. With an intuitive interface and flow, one would find it a breeze to submit their claims on Tribe, be it via their desktop browser or smartphone.

Our Services

As your TRIBE, we will look out for you and take on all the heavy lifting.

TRIBE will help you build a successful, easy to use benefits model that your team will appreciate.

TRIBE provides you with a robust digital benefits platform with real tiem dashboard that helps with:

Designing your benefit plan for flexi and self-funded schemes

Planning your strategic short and long term goals

Analysing your benefits, claims & provide regulatory updates

Engaging you through omni-communcation channels

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