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Your World, Your Rules

Employee benefits, rewards and recognition

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Your World, Your Rules

with Tribe

Employee benefits, rewards and recognition

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Employee Benefit Specialist

Customizing a bespoke benefits plan aligned to your organizational goals

TribeGO Benefits App

Access all your services, Tribe Benefit, Tribe Rewards, Tribe Recognition and Tribe Social on the go

Rewards & Recognition

Get customized employee rewards and engagement programs tailored for you


Your World,
Your Rules

Our unique approach is to create a solution, a platform that is free of unnecessary embellishments, one that is centered around people rather than administrative convenience. That’s why we named it Tribe.


Tribe is about bringing people together, building an entire ecosystem and operating by its own set of rules. It is built for humans, by humans. A digital solution should never treat people as mere digits, but intelligently anticipate the needs of individuals.

Our Testimonials

I have to say the whole experience with them is very pleasant.  
They have shown their professionalism, agility and client centricity.
I would be more than happy to renew the contract with them.

- Magdalen , Head of Human Resources Asia Pacific

Image by Brooke Cagle


Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Singapore, Tribe is a flexible benefit solution powerhouse serving markets in Asia. With a proprietary turnkey platform working in perfect synergy with its suite of modular bespoke programs, Tribe has expanded to markets in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, China, and Korea, transforming corporate benefits for users.


A feature-rich platform with the potential to connect an endless array of services and products, Tribe can bring anything imaginable to the fingertips of its users, most recently with the launch of its loyalty e-commerce capability, Tribe Marketplace.

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