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What is the marketplace?

At the marketplace, you can make purchases for items or vouchers with your flex$ or points.

All items available on the marketplace are from merchants within pre-approved categories, so any purchase from the marketplace will be automatically approved and deducted from your Flexible Spending Account.

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What's so special about Points, why do I use it to shop at the marketplace?

Points do not expire! Unlike your flex dollars which expire at the end of each benefit period, any unused points will remain in your wallet for the duration of your tenure.

How do I get Points?

At the end of each benefit period, flex dollars will be automatically converted to points for you. How much points can be converted depends on your benefit setup.


any unused balance at the end of benefit period

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annual allocation


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What is the difference between flex dollars & points?

Flex dollars can be used for flex claims, insurance upgrades/downgrades (during selection period) and marketplace purchase. Points can only be used for marketplace purchases.

Flex dollars


Flex claims

Insurance Selection


  • I did not receive my welcome email
    Depending on the nature of your email client, the welcome email may have been filtered into the Spam folder or the Notification folder. Do check through your spam and notification folders.
  • I forgot my password
    To reset your password, please go to the TRIBE login page and click “Forgot password” at the bottom of the login panel. You will receive a email with instructions to reset your password.
  • The password reset link does not work
    For account security, the reset password link is only valid for 3 hours. If your link has already expired, please reset your password again by clicking “forget password” on your TRIBE login page.
  • When will my approved flex claims be reimbursed?
    If the claim is submitted and approved before the cut-off date, your reimbursement will be reflected in the upcoming payroll. Your claim cut-off date is reflected on the dashboard when you log in to the portal. Example: Pay day: 30th of every month Claims cut off date: 5th of every month Employee A Flex claims submission date: 3rd January This means Employee A will receive his flex claims reimbursement in his 30th January pay Please take note that this only applies to flex claims. For insurance-related claims, kindly contact AIA.
  • How long does it take to process my flex claim?
    Our benefits team is constantly working hard to approve your claims. During peak periods, do allow up to 3 - 5 working days for your claims to be approved.
  • I cannot access my AIA e-card, how do I visit a doctor?
    To avoid this issue, please take a screenshot of your e-card before you head to the clinic. Otherwise, you can make a manual insurance claim with a valid receipt via TRIBE > Insurance > Submit Insurance claim.
  • I cannot access my AIA e-card/AIA clinic locator/ AIA insurance claims
    You will be unable to access your AIA portal in the following If you have recently changed your details, we will require 5 working days to update your access to the system. If your selection period has not yet closed, you will be able to access your system after the selection period ends.
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